btvs appreciation week (✿◠‿◠): [day 2] favorite pairing → buffy and spike



When Buffy’s voice breaks when she yells, “we’re not supposed to move the body”.

this episode is definitely one of the most heartbreaking TV moments i have ever witnessed.


Welcome to 1997

Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Colours

Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Out of Mind, Out of Sight
     I can be surrounded by people and be completely alone. It’s not like any of them really know me. I don’t even know if they like me half the time. People just want to be in a popular zone. Sometimes when I talk, everyone’s so busy agreeing with me, they don’t hear a word I say.”

buffy + buffy the vampire slayer: chaos bleeds [2003 video game]

say you’re happy now … once more with feeling